Tour Europe!

Imagine . . . the vineyards of France, the art treasures of Italy, the ruins of ancient Rome, London, medieval castles and cathedrals in the mountains of Germany, the Black Forest . . . tour the Old World and discover something new.

Tour Africa!

Africa is full of natural beauty and mystery, the vast plains and rugged mountains, the fabled African wildlife--lions and elephants and zebras and giraffes. In Africa you will find a rich, vibrant mosaic of color, sound and life.

Tour Hawaii!

The islands of Hawaii have majestic beauty and splendor unique to themselves. Take a helicopter tour over the lava fields on the Big Island. SCUBA dive in azure waters with giant sea turtles, manta rays and dolphins. Bike down Haleakala or golf at Kapalua resort. Explore deserts, rainforests, mountains, or stroll down beaches of black or white sand. With its diversity, its easy to understand why Hawaii is known as America's Garden of Eden.

We have Tours to Europe, Africa, Hawaii, and other exotic locations. Call us for details!

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