Get away. Really get away.

Before you know it you'll be lying in a hammock under a palm tree with a cold drink in your hand and the one you love by your side--and no one else. No traffic, no phone--only the warm breeze and the surf. You won't have anything to think about because we'll take care of all the details. Our all-inclusive packages are all-inclusive tickets to your choice of either unique couples-only or family resorts in the Caribbean islands. Let us take care of the arrangements so you can take care of yourselves.


Looking for the adventure of a lifetime? How about sailing across the Atlantic on a first-class luxury liner--travelling in the style of a bygone era. And when you get there, your adventure's only just begun--all the charms and splendors of the Old World are waiting for you. The Alps, the Pyrenees, Paris, Rome, castles and cathedrals on the Rhine River, London, Ireland, Scotland, and so much more are waiting for you. Our custom tour packages mean we take care of all the details and you enjoy a trip you'll never forget.

Egypt and the Nile!

No ancient civilization could match the splendor of ancient Egypt. Blessed by the paradise of the fertile Nile River delta, Egypt enjoyed a way of life beyond the wildest dreams of most other peoples even thousands of years later. The fantastic remains of Egyptian civilization are so awesome some people find it hard to believe they were built by humans. And there's no better way to experience Egypt than to cruise down the Nile in luxury, like the pharaohs themselves. The dream can come true with our deluxe custom package tours, tailored just for you.

We have packages to Europe, Egypt, and for Romantic Getaways!
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